Manage your

Sales & Contact Relations
with OnBatch

Identify new growth opportunities through customer interactions, sales insights, and OnBatch’s internal CRM, all in one place. Complete sales orders with efficiency and analyze backorders to solve supply chain issues for good.

Dive into the details or zoom out for a big picture view with OnBatch’s sales metrics and CRM. Our system enables you to ramp up production based on sales figures and demand. OnBatch keeps your business organized with a transparent sales tracking system.

Optimize your process with robust feature sets that connect sales and customer insights to your production. Demystify your sales analytics to scale operations and expand your market share.


  • Track sales with an efficient, simple sales order system.
  • Integrate with Xero and Quickbooks seamlessly.
  • Analyze performance with backorder and return management.

Fulfill the Demand

Sales Order

Track fulfilment needs and generate sales orders with OnBatch’s efficient sales order system. Optimize future production by implementing clear sales analytics that creates a vision of supply and demand specific to your brand. Our integration with Quickbooks and Xero makes fulfilling sales orders a breeze.

Put your Brand Out There

Order Pick & Ship

Successfully fulfill orders with OnBatch’s one-step or two-step order processing. There’s no need for a third party integration for shipping with our straightforward solution.

Streamline your Invoices


Take back your day with our time saving invoice process. Generate invoices with OnBatch’s straightforward invoice management system. Download as PDFs or email to customers straight from the app. Keep invoices organized with simple, color-coded status bars to signify paid, pending, draft or sent.

Demystify your Constraints

Back Order & Returns

The OnBatch sales system enables you and your team to monitor shipment delays, track performance, and problem-solve supply chain segments that need optimization. Manage lead times, price, returns, back orders, and quality notes for each invoice, to engage customers with the answers they need.

Know your Customer

Contact Relationship Management

With the OnBatch CRM tool you can focus your customer relationship throughout the sales lifecycle. Improve profitability and grow your business through high quality customer service that starts with understanding your customers, their buying habits, and identifying new opportunities for growth.

Included Benefits


Free Onboarding assistance


Access to our Academy, a vast collection of documents and videos for training on our software


Be heard and share your opinions, suggestions, and needs


Customer support with a real, knowledgeable human

Transform your process with OnBatch - One Batch at a Time.

Our intuitive software solution strengthens your control over daily operations - boosting efficiency and transforming how you do inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, and warehousing, while keeping you compliant. OnBatch gets your jobs done.

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