Manage your

Reporting & Analytics
with OnBatch

OnBatch can synthesize your data and generate reports for each operational area. Monitor, track, and analyze your business metrics, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

OnBatch simplifies reporting with a wide variety of operational reports built into the system. Stay on top of your goals with continual reporting every week, month, quarter or year.

Optimize your process with our robust feature sets that connect reporting and analytics to your daily production in one secure system. Demystify your company with our streamlined reporting to expand and scale your operations.


  • Understand company performance.
  • Gain visibility utilizing analytical dashboards.
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate business intelligence.

Optimize your widgets


With OnBatch’s main reporting dashboard, you can optimize your widgets to display the analytics that are most important to you. Our reporting functions generate reports for practically everything. From tracking slow moving goods and stock count to product flow deviation and labor costs, we break it all down for you.

Understand your Value

Transaction reporting

Take a closer look at your spending and transaction history with OnBatch’s customizable transaction reporting. View by type of good, value, and usage. With our dynamic transaction and valuation reports you can evaluate your company goals and obtain that next level success.

Own your Time

Government reporting

Government reporting has never been easier with OnBatch’s automated report services. As your production flows through the cycle, your monthly reports are generated in real time. We indicate any changes since your last view to make them easy to identify. A true set-and-forget model, our automated government reporting will give you back your time and your life.

One-Click your Records

Pay.Gov Integration

Make submitting monthly reports a snap with OnBatch’s direct-to-TTB system. With a direct integration to, you can submit reports directly from OnBatch without even going to the website. Of course you also have the option to send documents as drafts to before submitting to TTB, or you can download your reports as PDFs if snail mail is your thing.

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Customer support with a real, knowledgeable human

Transform your process with OnBatch - One Batch at a Time.

Our intuitive software solution strengthens your control over daily operations - boosting efficiency and transforming how you do inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, and warehousing, while keeping you compliant. OnBatch gets your jobs done.

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