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OnBatch empowers manufacturers to be creative and consistent by offering custom, repeatable, and scalable product flows. With OnBatch you can maintain product quality, consistency, and repetition of those creative small batch or brand staple recipes.

From inception through production you need a powerful tool that can help you navigate all the steps to produce your fabulous finished product. The OnBatch Manufacturing module is the backbone for your operation and the shining star of ours.

Optimize your process with our robust feature sets that connect the entire manufacturing process in one secure system. Let your creativity and passion for manufacturing lead you to expand and scale your operation.


  • Create custom product flows for repeatable and scalable processes.
  • Acquire detailed batch costing for materials, labor and energy.
  • Understand process modification with product flow A/B testing.

Innovate your Product Flows

Product Flows & Version Controls

Create product flows for your recipes that are scalable, repeatable, and reusable every time you create a batch of your signature products. Save processing time and maintain consistency with our simple flow maps.

With OnBatch Version Controls your creative possibilities are endless. Test new recipes to perfection with version capturing product flows that strengthen your creative flow, because after all, that's why you do what you do. You can even take your creativity to the next level with our manual batch process, giving you maximum flexibility to create a custom process over and over.

Control your Hardware


We understand that your equipment is one of the most vital parts of your operations. With OnBatch you can track equipment performance and control the operating time, number of shifts, and overtime. Set notifications to inform users of changes in a planned batched timeline in case of equipment maintenance. With OnBatch’s flexible equipment selection you have the option of adding packaging facility equipment in addition to your manufacturing equipment.

Understand your True Spending

Batch Costing

OnBatch Batch Costing tracks the exact cost of any batch at any stage in the manufacturing process. Get the whole picture of your batch cost by including raw materials, packaging materials, labor, and energy costs. OnBatch pinpoints the batches your employees worked in a designated time period to maintain employee accountability. By integrating Quickbooks and Xero, you can maintain cohesive records across platforms.

Seamlessly track material cost per batch and the total amount of WIP materials in your batches, grain to glass COGS, and any gains or losses. OnBatch also tracks angel’s share losses for effective distillery batch costing. We shed a tear for those losses too.

Stay your Course

Batch Scheduling

Get a jump on your future with OnBatch’s planning charts. Our system uses a streamlined Gantt Chart to cleanly track production processes in real time. Plan out your batch start dates and equipment to run during operating hours. Use the monthly, quarterly, and yearly views to stay ahead of the curve.

Wrap your Brand


OnBatch’s packaging solutions enable you to wrap up your brand to share with the world. Create a coordinated and efficient system of preparing your goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Our software covers a variety of post-production options to fit any need.

  • Package semi-finished goods & finished goods
  • Automate packaging lots & packaging lines setup
  • Intermediate receiving zone of packaged finished goods and semi-finished goods
  • Assign packaged goods to a warehouse zone/rack with the click of a button
  • Testing for government compliance, quality control, and Gauge and Fill

Own your Day-to-Day

Work Orders

Organize your staff with OnBatch Work Order. Build out work orders in advance to manage labor and batch stages. Each employee user has access to their assigned work orders to keep your operation running efficiently. Our system automatically allocates labor hours for transparent cost analysis.

Included Benefits


Free Onboarding assistance


Access to our Academy, a vast collection of documents and videos for training on our software


Be heard and share your opinions, suggestions, and needs


Customer support with a real, knowledgeable human

Transform your process with OnBatch - One Batch at a Time.

Our intuitive software solution strengthens your control over daily operations - boosting efficiency and transforming how you do inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, and warehousing, while keeping you compliant. OnBatch gets your jobs done.

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