About Us

Batch manufacturing software doesn’t have to be just for the big guys. We believe that software should simplify your business, and let you be who you are - the person with the passion.

We want to be the only batch manufacturing software your business will ever need.

We created a system that can grow as you grow. OnBatch is with you at every stage of your operation, from beginning to end. We are committed to innovations that make your job(s) easier.

Our Story

OnBatch was created by
founder Shawn Patrick.

He successfully developed a previous SaaS company - HoochWare LLC - dedicated solely to the craft distilling industry. After listening to the needs of those closest to the action (you), and performing far too many software improvements, Shawn made the decision to just build new software from the ground up. Over a period of 2 years with a team of 22 individuals consisting of 2 UI/UX designers, 19 front & backend developers plus a lead architect engineer, OnBatch was born.

The driving force behind our innovation is you.

Our re-invented software solution is based on our desire to innovate, our drive to deliver exceptional service and our incessant need to be distinct.

Onbatch is an innovative and superior software solution designed with distillers and other batch manufacturers in mind. We are proud to present OnBatch to the world, a labor of logic and love that we know will change the way you do...everything.

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